The project was initiated to offer an example, though at a local scale in Bursa Muradiye, for addressing the question of inadequate number and unsatisfactory quality standards of the information plates provided for the anchaeological sites, museums and monuments in our country, and to pave the way for the launch of similar projects for such cultural heritage sites. The work in this respect was carried out under the official permission of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the support of the Bursa Governor’s Office and Bursa Archaeological Museum Directorate. 

The plates, mounted on their respective places in 2008 and served until 2013, were designed by Ayşegül Safkan and the texts were prepared in Turkish and English by the Ottoman history and arts academics sitting on the Board of Trustees of our Cultural Awareness Foundation.  

The plates served their purpose between the years 2008-2013 until their renewal by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.  

Below are the tombs for which bi-lingual information plates were prepared within the scope of the Project:

- Tomb of Osman Gazi

- Tomb of Orhan Gazi

- Tomb of Yıldırım Bayezid  

- Tomb of Murad Hüdavendigar  

- Bursa Muradiye Külliye

- Bursa Muradiye Tombs

- Hatuniye Tomb (of Huma Hatun)  

- Saraylılar Tomb

- Tomb of Şehzade Ahmed

- Tomb of II. Murad

- Tomb of Şehzade Alaaddin

- Tomb of Şehzade Mustafa

- Tomb of Mükrime Hatun  

- Tomb of Şehzade Mahmud

- Tomb of Şehzade Cem

- Tomb of Ebe Hatun

- Tomb of Gülruh Hatun

- Tomb of Şirin Hatun

- Tomb of Gülşah Hatun