Cultural Awareness Foundation and FEST Travel Goes on Erasing our Carbon Footprints 

Our future is under consistent threat with the global warming continuing at a high rate and forestlands are eradicated one by one. We, as the Cultural Awareness Foundation (CAF), trying to do our best to reduce and/or compensate as far as possible the impact of the greenhouse gases generated by various industries that produce the goods we daily use. 

The fourth Carmon Footprint Forest comprising 10,000 saplings was inaugurated at Kırklareli, Demircihalil Village as part of the Carbon Footprint Forests Project that has been carried out by CAF since 2012 in cooperation with Fest Travel and innumerable friends of nature.

The event organised for the inauguration continued with the flora tour in İğneada Longoz Forest guided by Prof. Dr. Necmi Aksoy. We are grateful to all friends of nature and culture who took part in the event and made donations in support of our activities.    

The wildlife has to continue breathing in this region which is under threat of  a coal-fired thermal power plant project at the heart of the Thrace to be implemented at the cost of cutting 250,000 trees. Every tree cut down means the irreversible destruction of a part of our future. Understanding the true meaning of today’s popular concepts such as “development”, “progress” and “sustainability” requires awareness of and commitment to the protection of natural and cultural wealth as responsible citizens.   

We, as CAF, are committed to carry our country and our world to a green future, and not a future poisoned by harmful emissions. If you wish to support the protection of nature and contribute to the efforts to stop its destruction please contact our Cultural Awareness Foundation and be a part of Carbon Footprint Forests Project without delay.