Oral history interviews centered around the history and cultural legacy of the Grand Bazaar were made by seven Grand Bazaar shopkeepers in October 2014 by five volunteering students under the guidance of our Board of Trustees member Dr. Nurcan Yalman. The aim was to gain an insight into the shopkeepers’ awareness of the cultural value of the Grand Bazaar which they are a part of. 

The work which is considered as a cultural archaeology, in theoretical and methodological terms, consisted of a preliminary training at our Foundation offices in October and November, followed by a field work at the Grand Bazaar, ending with the interviews. A short film prepared at the Foundation covering the recordings of the interviews was screened during the presentation made by Dr. Yalman about the project at the “Archaeology and Tourism: Heritage in Context II Symposium” organised at the German Archaeology Institute on 28 November 2014.  

The content and the outputs of the project were also presented by Dr. Yalman at the international conference “Connected Through Heritage: Developing Regional Network for Heritage and Museum Studies” organised by the University of New York in Abu Dhabi.