The Mask Play “Punta Atmak” (Welding Up)

Kuzgun Acar’s contribution to art in Türkiye presented at the stage at Sabancı Museum 

Sakıp Sabancı Museum where the Abstract Composition (“Birds”) of Kuzgun Acar, one of Türkiye’s avantgarde sculptors, which had been installed at the Istanbul Manifaturacılar (Textile Manifacturers) Bazaar in 1967, was exhibited from June to October 2016 after its restoration, hosted the staging of the mask play “Punta Atmak” (Welding Up) by the theatre artists coming together for this purpose at the invitation of Emre Koyuncuoğlu, Sibel Horada and Yasemin Nur.

Punta Atmak, staged at a patio looking out onto the Bosphorus watched by a large number of audience with great interest for three chilly autumn nights, was a creation derived from artists’ street movements which Kuzgun Acar was part of in 1970s and collective production practices specific to that period. The play was inspired by Kuzgun Acar’s drama works and the theatre decors and accessories created by him for the street drama performances of his time. The performance of the play was realized with the support of our Advisory Board member İzel Coşkun, our Honourary President Faruk Pekin and the Sabancı Foundation. 

Director: Emre Koyuncu

Masks, Costumes and Installations:  Sibel Horada, Yasemin Nur

Music: Çiğdem Borucu

Light: Arek Nişanyan

Performers: Cemre Buğra Ün, Doğa Nalbantoğlu, Elif Sözer, Ladin Avşar, Sencan Oytun Tokuç, Sedef Gökçe, Su Güneş Mıhladız, Tules Tuğba Birincioğlu